"Deez aint no sissy knives"

Friction Folder

"Friction Folder" History tells us the ancient Romans were the first ones to make a folding knife, it was a 'Friction' style. Here's my version... Made from an American made file tempered down to around 58rc., cutting edge is from 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" (actual tip to handle is about 1/4" longer than cutting edge). NickelSilver pins, Black Micarta spacer.  Handles are all made of Micarta, Colors are Black, Brown, OliveGreen, and Natural (like burnt orange).

The 'tang' is actually a bottle opener! 

Standard price $120 to $150 depending on size/handle/blade options.        (Price includes shipping within the US.)  

Handle shapes from top to bottom: Pintail, Fulltail, and Bobtail: